Liquid Vitamin D3 SUNERGIZER sublingual- 60 ml x 2,500 IU (per ½ dropper) –Flavourless in Pure Water –  Nothing Else Added

VITAMIN D3 known as the "sunshine vitamin” vitamin relies on our skin to form this vital vitamin when there is enough sunlight intensity .

  • LIQUID SUBLINGUAL D3 SUNERGIZER is designed to be absorbed faster under your tongue and thus bypass stomach acids to ensure easier and maximum absorption.
  • EASY TO SWALLOW and flavourless D3 SUNERGIZER is suitable for adults (up to 2,500 IU) and children (400 IU)
  • THERE ARE no extra ingredients in our D3 made from lanolin and suspended in a purified 7 stage reverse osmosis water system . It has a milky colour and is pure, natural odourless and flavourless .


Did you know that many people particularly in winter are deficient in D3 ?

Research conducted over the past decade suggests that vitamin D plays a much broader disease-fighting role than once thought.

Being “D-ficient” may increase the risk of a host of chronic diseases, such as osteoporosis, heart disease, some cancers, and multiple sclerosis, as well as infectious diseases, such as tuberculosis and even the seasonal flu.

It is very important to ensure children have adequate vitamin D levels of at least 400 IU per day . Our D3 is flavourless and it is easy for children to take

Just 4 drops under their tongue.

  • Vitamin D helps maintain normal bones and teeth
  • Vitamin D contributes to maintaining normal muscle function
  • Vitamin D contributes to normal function of the immune system
  • Vitamin D has a function in cell division
  • Vitamin D contributes to a normal intake / utilization of calcium and phosphorus
  • Vitamin D contributes to a normal calcium level in the blood


Vitamin D3 in purified 7 stage reverse osmosis water .

No sugar, salt, yeast, oil, fish, wheat, gluten, preservatives, flavourings or fillers .