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This is great - all other forms of B12 ..."

This is great - all other forms of b12 I have tried have given me heartburn symptoms, as a vegan b12 supplementation is essential so it's a relief to find one that works for me! Have yet to have a blood test, but so far so great! Thanks!


"Great for energy and mood"

 After a long illness this Vit B12 liquid upped my energy levels therefore good for mood as I am able to function without fatigue throughout day and enjoy my evenings then fall into a good nights sleep waking refreshed. I cannot tolerate ANY KIND of E additives etc. this is good clean Vit B 12, easy to use, just add one filled stopper of the liquid under the tongue for 20 seconds (this is the best area for absorption) then swallow, it is a nice fruity taste. Very Good Customer Support when I had an enquiry. Will be looking at other products by Yoga Nutrition. Recommend

by Highlight
"Best B12 and Vegan's can take"
It does what it says it does, if you have a Vitamin B deficiency then this is what you should be taking. I shop for only the best and I was recommended to use this by a friend because of what is actually in it plus the B12 and is for Vegan use.
Ms A Johnson 


"Powersurge your energy levels"

Brilliant product. I use it before the gym , awesome workout achieved. We all know we need to eat this and that. This stuff really delivers


"Brought my levels up in 2 weeks"

This has brought my B12 levels up within 2 weeks compared to the tablets that you take or place under the tongue that I have been taking for months. I did however take 3 times as much as the recommended dose to do this. I am now taking it once a day and feel ok. It also tastes great.


  "MUCH BETTER than other compatible products"

Tastes MUCH BETTER than other liquid B12s on the market. Arrived promptly. If you are vegetarian, you are likely lacking this vitamin. Methylcobalamin is a form of B-12 that the body will utilise (do your research). Will buy again - and again.