YOGA-FLEX™ is not just for yogis ... it is effective for all sports people. We all know that a more flexible athlete is a more mobile, faster athlete and a quicker recovery means you can practice or train longer and harder

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 YOGA-FLEX was designed for yogis and very active people ...

  • Supports flexibility
  • Supports post exercise stiffness
  • Supports recovery from injuries
  • Helps reduce joint stiffness

Yoga teachers have been using a combination of 7 different supplements to help support flexibility and recovery for several years now. We have combined them all into one organic, all-natural capsule called YOGA-FLEX™  

 Why it works

Simple ... according to the New Scientist, vegetables like broccoli have lost up to 70% of their natural sulphur (MSM) content compared to 40 years ago. One of the key functions of sulphur is to make cells walls more permeable, thus allowing nutrients to both flow in faster - helping with flexibility - and allow the toxins to discharge faster, helping prevent the build up of lactic acid (DOMS)

This mixture of essential sulphur (MSM) is blended with nutrient-dense super green seaweeds and algae, anti-inflammatory sour cherry juice along with vitamin C and trace minerals.  It actually works out cheaper than buying each item separately and means you don’t have to take a mixture of different capsules 


We don’t use any excipients, flow agents or artificial preservatives in YOGA-FLEX  

We make our YOGA-FLEX supplement for healthy yogis as well as sports people and other active folk who want to maintain their health over a lifetime of activity and provide long term nutritional support for their joints 


  • OptiMSM essential sulphur    
  • SuperGreens (Organic spirulina, chlorella & barley grass juice)   
  • Vitamin C  
  • Ionic 70+Trace Minerals  
  • Sour cherry juice 
  What our customers say... *


"I take a lot of care over choosing supplements and these still rate as my greatest find" 

I have been using the yoga-flex supplement for around 3 years now. I initially bought it as a slightly un-flexible yoga enthusiast who despite working hard had plateaued. It really does increase your flexibility...but more than that for me it has improved my skin as well.
Having had a rocky road with my health including kidney failure and then the long term complications of a double transplant I often used to suffer horrible break outs but since using this product I have lovely clear skin.
It has even been commented on by my consultants who are used to seeing what they called the "grey look" .
I now also use the B 12 energiser especially in the winter as my energy levels worsen and it too has been a great help in sustaining my energy levels...
there is a difference within a couple of days as I don't need to go to bed at 7pm or nap x2 a day when I'm taking it.
I would also like to say what great customer service Paul provides. I take a lot of care over choosing supplements and these still rate as my greatest find. looking forward to trying the shilajit soon .

Kelly Mayne ,Surrey *


"Made such a difference to yoga practice"

YOGA-FLEX has made such a difference to my yoga practice. It's a real aid to flexibility and transforms muscle recovery. I wish I’d had this when I was marathon running in the 1990s! The packaging has been thought through too. Easy to deliver and easy to store.

Loretta Brodie, Dunbarton*

“I feel like superwoman after”

“I am a kick boxer and a runner and I find YOGA-FLEX increases my flexibility while at the same time stopping any stiffness or lactic acid build up. It's so effective I feel like Superwoman after I've taken it!”

Paula Mockford, St Osyths*

“I never do yoga without taking it”

I was sceptical about this product at first but now I would not dream of doing a class without taking YOGA-FLEX before practice, as it just eases my body. And as a woman of 58 with joints and muscles tending towards stiffness, after a year my entire body feels supported and supple.

Penny Black, London*



* Legal Disclaimer: Results may vary, and testimonials are not claimed to represent typical results. Each person is an individual and so results in testimonials are an example of what people have experienced and should not be taken as average or typical