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"I take a lot of care over choosing supplements and these still rate as my greatest find"  

I have been using the yoga-flex supplement for around 3 years now. I initially bought it as a slightly un-flexible yoga enthusiast who despite working hard had plateaued. It really does increase your flexibility...but more than that for me it has improved my skin as well.
Having had a rocky road with my health including kidney failure and then the long term complications of a double transplant I often used to suffer horrible break outs but since using this product I have lovely clear skin.
It has even been commented on by my consultants who are used to seeing what they called the "grey look" .
I now also use the B 12 energiser especially in the winter as my energy levels worsen and it too has been a great help in sustaining my energy levels...
there is a difference within a couple of days as I don't need to go to bed at 7pm or nap x2 a day when I'm taking it.
I would also like to say what great customer service Paul provides. I take a lot of care over choosing supplements and these still rate as my greatest find. looking forward to trying the shilajit soon .
Kelly Mayne ,Surrey *
"Made such a difference to yoga practice"

YOGA-FLEX has made such a difference to my yoga practice. It's a real aid to flexibility and transforms muscle recovery. I wish I’d had this when I was marathon running in the 1990s! The packaging has been thought through too. Easy to deliver and easy to store.

Loretta Brodie, Dunbarton *


“I feel like superwoman after”

“I am a kick boxer and a runner and I find YOGA-FLEX increases my flexibility while at the same time stopping any stiffness or lactic acid build up. It's so effective I feel like Superwoman after I've taken it!”

Paula Mockford, St Osyths *

"Great for recovery!"

This is a really powerful combination of stuff! I'm a keen runner who trains every day and find taking a few of these capsules really helps with my recovery and general aches and pains associated with regular training. Your body will thank you.

Russ Mullen ,Haywards Heath *

“I never do yoga without taking it”

I was sceptical about this product at first but now I would not dream of doing a class without taking YOGA-FLEX before practice, as it just eases my body. And as a woman of 58 with joints and muscles tending towards stiffness, after a year my entire body feels supported and supple.

Penny Black, London *